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Leave-In Conditioning Hair Mist 8oz

Leave-In Conditioning Hair Mist 8oz

Be prepared for softer and more moisturized hair with our Leave in Conditioning Hair Mist for all types. Our hair mist is blended with Organic Aloe, Rose water and a blend of healing oils that immediately softens your hair while conditioning the roots to hair shaft. Just shake well, spray and go 🤗

✅️ Instantly conditions hair

✅️ Softens and detangles hair

✅️ Softens locks and all hair types

✅️ Adds a lovely sheen to hair

✅️ Easy to spray bottle

✅️ Spray & Go

✅️ Leave in conditioner

✅️ Plant Based

✅️ Organic and natural ingredients only

  • Conditioning Hair Mist 8oz

    Leave in conditioning hair mist

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