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Eczema Skin Care 4oz

Eczema Skin Care 4oz

Eczema Care by Solas Butters is a comprehensive blend of gentle yet effective natural ingredients formulated to alleviate Eczema symptoms while providing intense hydration for your skin.  


This is the remedy to help soothe your Eczema symptoms.



Eczema care is blended with effective ingredients such as


 Organic Calendula Oil -Soothes inflammation.


 Organic Colloidal Oats – Alleviates Itching and irritated skin.


 Organic Shea butter- Deeply hydrates and repairs skin.


Organic Coconut oil- Deeply hydrates with promotes healing.


Organic Jojoba Oil- Softens and hydrates skin.


Vitamin E oil- High in antioxidants and promotes wound healing.


🌿Essential oils- Antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.




Eczema Care  


✅️Relieves itch


✅️Reduces inflammation


✅️ Hydrates skin Intensely 


✅️Steroid free


✅️Plant based 


✅️Organic and Natural ingredients



How to use: Eczema Care can be used for spot treatments and flare-ups. 


Eczema care can also be used as a daily moisturizer to reduce potential flare-ups. For best results, apply on damp skin (post shower) to seal in more moisture.



Additional Recommendations: Avoid very hot showers and harsh exfoliants as those may trigger flare-ups.



All products are created with organic and natural ingredients and in small batches to ensure the highest quality. 



Disclaimer- Eczema Care does not claim to cure Eczema as there is no cure for Eczema. Eczema flare-ups can be significantly reduced, and the symptoms minimized with preventative care of moisturizing your skin with intensely hydrating product such as Eczema care.  



Wishing you recovery and comfort- Sola

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