Sola's Mini Butters -5ml

Sola's Mini Butters -5ml

Sola's  Mini Butters are a  blend of Raw Shea Butter and Healing oils that provide immense norushing and healing benefits for your skin and hair! 


Sample Mini butters are perfect for your bed side stand, make up bag,  purse, and also make the perfect addition to gift bags. 


Try a new scent 

*Honey Almond- A rich, nutty blend of sweet honey and almond extract. Fruity, buttery top notes , mid- notes of almond, warm honey, and rich chocolate. The scent is completed with a coconut vanilla base. 


*Nigerian Goddess- Fit for a Queen and a Crowd favorite  with notes of Berries , Citrus , floral and a  hint of Vanilla.


*Tropical Mango-  An Tropical invigorating blend of sweet mango  , peaches, coconut, raspberries and papaya. 


*Sandalwood-  A warm blend of earthy sandal wood , musk and soft notes of vanilla 


* Jasmine & Rose-  A rich floral scent for all my floral lovers. Jasime essential oil  is coupled with a fresh rose sent in this blend.

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